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“I never illustrate other people’s work! ” That’s what I said when I was told about a pair of professional musicians who were seeking an illustrator for their song, Potty Party. That was until I met Cary and Allison…Never say never! We ended up collaborating on a set of five new multimedia musical ebooks for toddlers: Little Big Books! Continue reading

The hope of hummingbirds can be anything you yearn for: love, a better job, health, joy…. Sometimes, it may even be the hope of being blessed by the friendship and trust of these magical creatures! Never give up. It will happen…. Continue reading

My grandfather was not a wealthy man, but he was rich in love. Especially for his delicate, Eastern bride, Sadie. He longed to shower her with jewels. But how could he afford them? Then, he hit on an idea! Continue reading

A Christmas Party for the Hale and Hearty! Friends, neighbors, children and even unexpected house guests, were welcomed! Continue reading

“Are you a witch?” whispered Amanda.
“No. I”m your Great-Aunt Florence, and I’ve come for a visit.”
Little did Amanda know that her aunt was that rarest of all commodities: the last virgin in Beverly Hills. Continue reading

Why did I paint the Net of Indra? Because I read Anita Rau Badami’s compelling tale of India, “Can You Hear the Nightbird Call?” and learned that we are ALL jewels in the cosmic Net. Continue reading

My last e-card, “Doing the Happy Dance!” generated quite a response. Everyone who wrote me liked it. But many sounded wistful… Continue reading

When traveling along country roads in England, be on the lookout for crossings of sheep, cattle, and Old Trout. They can be lethal! Continue reading

Could Mum, as a good Anglican, believe that such things as the Evil Eye and Ill-Wishing actually existed? And if they did, would Anglican prayers prevail against them? In short, what was she to do with the shaman’s warning? Continue reading

There’s something about grubbing in the dirt that restores the soul. Continue reading